An Advice Network for Australians

Providing a comprehensive range of financial advice



About Us

Australian Advice Network (AAN) is a financial services licensee that has been built to provide consumers with the advice they have been asking for and deserve.

The focus of the business is to provide ‘advice’ based on our clients best interest, that is what our clients pay us for. To achieve this we have access to a diverse universe of products, backed by market leading research.

The licensee is not owned by any bank, insurance company or any other product manufacturer. AAN is owned by the advisers who are all directors and have extensive experience in the financial services industry. The directors recognise that our clients expect their advisers to:

  • hold appropriate qualifications,
  • have the technical skills to provide best practice advice,
  • have the life experience to help them through life’s challenges and opportunities, and
  • have the business and staff resources to deliver on their service promises.

Essentially our advisers have businesses designed to look after all of your financial needs.

In a very busy world our job is to take financial stress away from our clients and give them more time to focus on enjoying their lives and loved ones.

Our core values

Australian Advice Network members’ mantra is making a meaningful positive difference in our client’s lives.

We do this through:

  • Only working with clients we know we can help,
  • Sourcing and providing quality professional advice across all facets of a clients financial life, and
  • Sustaining a business ethic that always places the clients’ interests and needs at the centre of the advice.

Our stringent education and compliance requirements serve to ensure clients receive advice from competent professionals working with diligence and integrity.

Our Advisers

Australian Advice Network was founded by four like-minded advisory firms.

Centaur Financial Services
Palm Beach, Queensland
07 5559 5760

Centaur Financial Services provides initial advice and strategies to set you on the course toward achieving your goals. You then receive ongoing support, advice and encouragement to focus on your objectives through proactive planning, one to one financial coaching to put you in control, regular reviews, and access to a wide range of information, support and research.

Centaur can put in place a plan that will leave you relaxed and confident that your future will be how you have always dreamt.

Robina Financial Solutions
Robina, Queensland
07 5575 7689

Robina Financial Solutions is an integrated advice business that provides tailored strategies in wealth creation and management through efficient use of income and capital appreciation.

Their ongoing success has to be based on improving their clients’ net asset position.

“We believe that we are only successful if we are making a material difference in their clients lives. We want to be there when all the hard work pays off and our clients reach that ‘Work is optional’ decision.”

Guide Financial
Maroochydore, Queensland
07 5443 1600

Guide Financial are your guide, advocate and coordinator on your financial journey. They provide an informed perspective and the tools to celebrate with you as you achieve your goals, support you through the difficult times, and challenge you to make the decisions that support your goals.

Our aim is to provide you with financial certainty and lift the substantial burden of managing your finances alone as we understand the implications it can have when one small component is overlooked.

Evalesco Financial Services
Sydney, New South Wales
02 9232 6800

Evalesco Financial Services seeks to support and empower our community to have healthy bodies, wealthy wallets and happy minds. We do this by taking the time to really understand our clients and then work with them to implement a tailored financial plan designed to maximise the probability of them achieving their ideal life sooner.

Evalesco has been widely recognised for it’s innovation and outstanding service to clients, including being awarded 2013 Professional Investment Services Practice of the year

Evalesco is a latin word which means to grow strong, prevail or to have value.  The business is proud to have lived up to this and more for our clients for over ten years.